Jonathan Bachman/Associated Press

Suplexes in pro wrestling are always fun to watch. A massive human being tossing another massive human being through the air offers an amazing sight and a tribute to what hard work and intense training can reap.

The sight is significantly rarer in MMA. But every once in a while, fans are blessed with a Kevin Randleman vs. Fedor Emelianenko or Rustam Khabilov vs. Vinc Pichel. They were treated again Saturday at Cage Combat 27 in Humble, Texas.

Check out the video, courtesy of photographer (and former UFC fighter) Mike Jackson (h/t’s Jason Nawara):

One of the fighters (whose name is not known at this time), gets back clinch position, catches his foe off-balance as they roll off of the cage and gains the leverage for a belly-to-back suplex. He maintains the hold after the throw, nails another as his opponent tries to explode back to a standing position, then gut wrenches another after that.

It was an impressive combination that was eerily similar to Brock Lesnar’s signature WWE sequence:

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