WWE SummerSlam 2017 will end in a flurry of fireworks, confetti and thundering jeers should Roman Reigns seize the Universal Championship.

Of the four hosses set to battle in the Fatal 4-Way match that will headline Sunday’s pay-per-view, Reigns is the most polarizing. His supporters steadfastly defend him; his detractors boo him mercilessly.

And if his latest crowning moment happens inside the Barclays Center, WWE won’t be happy with the reaction.

For one, Brooklyn, New York, is a fanbase heavy with “smarks,” the same diehard portion of the audience that has pushed back against Reigns’ rise. Like Chicago, Philadelphia and Toronto, the Brooklyn crowd is often outspoken, favors internet darlings and has seemingly made a sport of booing Reigns. 

When Raw traveled to the Barclays Center last August, the fans treated The Big Dog like the heel despite him going up against the conniving, villainous Chris Jericho.

Reigns bowled over Jericho with a shoulder block and boos rained down. Jericho locked his foe in the Walls of Jericho and the crowd roared in approval. 

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