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Veteran NHL forward John Scott, who rose to prominence by reaching the 2016 All-Star Game thanks to a groundswell of fan support, officially announced his retirement from hockey Wednesday. 

Scott wrote about the decision in a piece for The Players’ Tribune, which recounted a whirlwind career that featured far more fights than goals (warning: link contains NSFW language):

It has been a hell of a ride. But I’m done. I am officially retired, as of today.

I scored five goals. I had four kids. And I had one hell of a good time over the years. By my count, I only had 43 fights in the NHL. I only really lost one clean, in my humble opinion. Congratulations, Justin Johnson. You caught me with the left hook. What can I say? Good job.

Scott spent a vast majority of his career in relative anonymity. He was a nice, down-to-earth guy who filled the role of fourth-line goon for a handful of minutes per night when playing at the NHL level, which he did for seven different teams across 286 games starting in 2008.

His final numbers don’t showcase much offensive success. Along with the five goals he mentioned, he added only six assists and 108 shots on goal, or about one every three games. He never averaged more than 10 minutes of ice time per game.

Yet, despite a career stat line most notable for his 544 penalty minutes, in at least one way he changed the NHL forever: the way All-Star voting is handled.

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