A WrestleMania 32 rematch will take place Sunday at WWE Payback.

After losing at AT&T Stadium, Ryback will get another shot at the WWE United States Championship when he goes against Kalisto, WWE announced Monday.

The Big Guy and The Lucha Dragons member fought for the title April 3 in a huge contrast of styles. Ryback’s power was on display for most of the match, as he seemed to be in control. Then Kalisto landed his Salida del Sol finisher for the three-count to retain the title.

Unlike with the WrestleMania bout, there has been hardly any buildup between the two Superstars over the last month leading up to the May 1 event in Chicago. Neither Kalisto nor Ryback had been involved on live television since WrestleMania until Thursday, when the two met on SmackDown.

Kalisto seemed to be moments away from winning the match by going for another Salida del Sol, but Ryback countered into a Shell Shocked finisher for the three-count.

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