Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It is an incredible time to be a fan of sports video games, with NHL 18 standing tall as the latest example.

The console generation sits in a sweet spot where sports games from EA Sports can add features on top of a strong base game after years of fine-tuning the gameplay itself. This means fan service in the form of requested features and deeper modes more accessible to broader audiences.     

NHL 18 takes on both areas in stride as cover star Connor McDavid does speeding down the ice and making plays. EA Sports uses this year’s edition to not only add the layers and accessibility expected of a game this deep into a generation but also to completely rewrite the controls and gameplay experience to give users more freedom than ever.

Are the additional features enough to justify grabbing the latest edition? Are the gameplay changes well-executed, and do they make the game feel different enough from past iterations? Let’s find out.



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