Nia Jaxcredit:

Nia Jax finally has a chance to live up to the hype.

Jax has been a focus of the WWE’s women’s division, mostly because of her size and strength. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, as many WWE Superstars have been booked in prominent roles for the same reasons over the years.

But eventually, everyone gets a day of reckoning. Jax’s will come at No Mercy.

Hype is not enough, and potential must be realized. Tossing opponents around the ring is impressive, and throwing heavy hands is expected for a powerfully dominant Superstar. But the real test comes on the main event stage, under the bright lights when it matters the most.

This is Jax’s time to prove she can get it done. She’s been portrayed as the Braun Strowman of Monday Night Raw’s women’s division; now is the time to show she deserves that distinction. But though she has been used in such a high-profile spot for so long, the fact is she has yet to come into her own.

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