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The NHL’s newest team has a name and a logo, but the real work of building a team is just beginning. The Vegas Golden Knights were introduced to the world via a splashy press conference and party, with stories detailing the enormous amount of work ahead. covered the opener, complete with the reason behind the name from majority owner Bill Foley.

General manager George McPhee and the team’s new scouting staff are attending the World Junior Championships over Christmas week and into the new year. Several players eligible for the draft are on display, and the Golden Knights may also be looking at trade possibilities. Steve Carp of the Las Vegas Review-Journal had a story on it leading up to Christmas.

The fan interest is very high, to the point where CapFriendly has a wildly popular expansion tool. Fans can go online, find the most logical protected list for their teams and create an expansion club for Las Vegas. New technology and the NHL’s open policy in terms of expansion rules and potential protected lists has given way to a brand new passion among fans.

The expansion rules, via, are specific in spirit while being vague enough to allow for massive trades before, during and after the draft itself. Fans are already enjoying the experience; it will only grow in enthusiasm as draft day approaches in Nevada.

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