Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

If you’re a purist, any type of tape delay marrs sports coverage. However, in some cases, a multiple-hour delay is necessary. In golf, for instance, if a tournament is going to wrap at one in the afternoon because players were forced to get on the course early in a double-tee start, and the coverage window isn’t slated to begin until two, tape-delayed coverage is warranted.

What happened with the CBS coverage today, however, was bizarre. A 20-or-so minute delay resulted in the ultimate weirdness of William McGirt knocking in his playoff-winning putt while the coverage was showing McGirt and Curran teeing off to begin the playoff.

And then, for whatever reason, rather than skipping ahead to the second playoff hole (after the players tied the first), CBS elected to show the tied hole and the playoff in its entirety. 

Strange stuff from Lance Barrow, CBS Sports producer, and company.  

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