Rich Swann looks to put Tony Nese away.

The main event featured Tony Nese taking on Rich Swann, which is the perfect way to get Swann ready to face Neville. The Premier Athlete’s power and speed make him a great substitute for The Man Gravity Forgot.

They started off with a quick pace and didn’t slow down until Nese started inflicting some serious punishment to the cruiserweight champion.

After a fun, competitive match, Swann picked up the win with his trademark spin kick. He gave a promo addressing Neville, which brought him out to respond.

Swann is a great wrestler, but he has not been as strong on the mic. This segment was evidence he needs to work on his promo skills.


Grade: B


Notes and Highlights

  • I don’t know why, but the wings sticking out from the side of Swann’s trunks bother me.
  • When he eventually makes the turn, Nese will be a great babyface. He has all the skills needed to get the crowd behind him.
  • Austin Aries and Corey Graves are officially my favorite commentators in WWE. They are endlessly entertaining while calling a match.
  • Swann needs to name his finisher.

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