John Cena stares down The Club.

Once the excitement for WWE’s hottest dream match came to fruition at Money in the Bank, fans realized just how important this feud is. It’s the man who’s considered to be the best talent in the industry versus the top guy in WWE. This one delivered on every level and more than lived up to the hype.

But then Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows interfered, costing John Cena the win.

Suddenly, the dream match to end all dream matches became nothing more than a cliche. Cena lost because AJ Styles could not get the job done himself. Once again, a top star could not beat the top star because Cena rarely loses in big-money matches.

So where does this leave AJ?

The fact is AJ has become the stereotypical and cowardly heel here. The focus has been taken off of his top-notch ring work, and it’s been put squarely on his reputation as a man. It’s smart booking for Cena; he can’t be overshadowed by anyone, so rather than take a chance on that happening, WWE has just shifted the theme of the story.

Cena is once again the outnumbered hero, fighting the good and moral fight.

But perhaps too much is being made of this fact. Maybe AJ should just be accepted for the heel he is and the storyline itself accepted for its overall importance. With that being the case, how does WWE move forward here?

Styles is firmly cementing his antagonist role, and he’s doing so as a member of The Club. The three men together are capable of dominating in every situation they find themselves in, and that’s exactly what should happen on the road to Battleground.

AJ should be seen as the dangerous threat that he is, which will surely happen as he plays the fool for Cena’s sake. By demanding an apology from Anderson and Gallows, Styles was openly mocking Cena. He was having fun at his expense, and that much is probably going to continue in the coming weeks.

Cena will likely continue doing what he does best as WWE’s alpha male, and it’s a formula that’s worked so far. Despite how much fans love Styles,┬áCena has the ability to turn them to his side. As the two men continue to cut promos and have physical confrontations along the way, the anticipation to see them wrestle again will certainly build.

Of course, when AJ wins the second match by crooked means once again, all of this will just keep on going.

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